Three For Silver

Do. 25.Apr.2019 - ab 20:00


Three For Silver returns to Europe this March and April for their third tour of the region.

They've been busy in the interim, not only going on three tours with the US State Department to Bulgaria, Russia, and Tajikistan, but recording a whole new album for their return to Europe. Entitled Blue Ruin, this album is the first half of a planned double release in 2019: Blue Ruin and Red Moon. Blue Ruin to be released in March 2019 is a stripped down wintertime album, largely acoustic, focusing on the band's roots and folk sounds.

In typical Three For Silver style they will return with a new guest member, James Rossi, another part of their doomfolk collective. Rossi is a virtuosic fiddler and fantastic vocalist and songwriter known for his commanding bass register voice. He'll be adding his own unique sound and songs to the March and April 2019 Europe tour.